Offset Printing

Our state-of-the-art presses deliver the highest quality in commercial printing, using high-speed production and soy-based inks along with a selection of in-line coating methods including varnish, aqueous, and special-effect UV coatings.
Offering redundant UV presses uniquely positions Flagship to manage your project’s need for both quality and superior timeliness! The UV technology allows us to print on a diverse group of materials that conventional presses only dream of, such as clear plastics, synthetics, and metalized papers. Additionally, our wide array of UV coatings allow for greater flexibility in design so you can create high-impact marketing materials to differentiate your company and brands from the crowd.

Pressroom Highlights:
  • One 10-color perfecting press, double coaters, 40-inch Komori HUV press, capable of printing 6/6 in a single pass
  • One 8-color plus coater, 40-inch Komori UV press
  • Two 6-color plus coater, 40-inch perfecting presses
  • One 6-color plus coater, 28-inch press
  • Two, 2-color, 40-inch perfecting presses
  • Two Unit Hiedelberg/Mercury cold web 22-3/4” cutoff